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Pu castor mechanical strength and high elastic analysis

by:Dajin caster     2020-05-03
Pu castor high mechanical strength and elastic analysis, produces little waste in the process of the production and use, and more importantly waste tire part of the body can be recycled for other polyurethane products, will not cause environmental pollution; Simple - and its manufacturing process - - - - - - Liquid pouring shape, belongs to the new no cord casting wheel, thus known as the 21st century green tires, polyurethane wheels, will be the future developing trend of the automobile tires, has broad application prospects in auto industry. Polyurethane casters, it is a kind of a material between general rubber and plastic, this is by far the most resistant elastomer, and harmless to human body, and can completely biodegradable, don't need to add carbon black and some have carcinogenic effect of rubber compound, is the ideal material for manufacturing tire tread. The biggest characteristic of polyurethane casters is within the scope of the hardness of the high elasticity, good mechanical strength, oil resistance and ozone resistance, good low temperature performance. In the workshop and stack, etc, goods carry very frequently and heavier load ( Each trundle bearing in 280 - only 420 kg is elected to thick steel plate, 5 - 6 mm stamping hot forging and welding of double row ball wheel. If used for carrying heavy things such as textile factory, automobile factory, machine factory, such as local, due to the Dutch large and workshop veteran interval length ( Each trundle bearing in 350 - only 1200 kg, so should choose to thick steel plate, 8 - 12 mm cutting after welding wheel frame, sports wheel rack using flat ball bearing and ball bearing on the floor, make the castor can suffer heavy load, rotating motor, impact resistant effect and so on. Pu castor high mechanical strength and elastic analysis, more news and information about pu castor please click: hynews / 345. html
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