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by:Dajin caster     2020-04-15
Universal wheel - Beijing KNT Chester technology co. , LTD. Pu castor is between plastic and rubber elastomer, its comprehensive advantages is common plastic and rubber. Why to choose this kind of material, and what are the unique features? More than 1, elastomer big functions. Polyurethane elastomer, a number of physical and mechanical features can be adjusted. Such as hardness, as polyurethane elastomer material can be made into soft printing rubber roller hardness 20 or so, and can be made into rigid rolling roller hardness above 70. 2, wear-resisting function is superior. Especially in the presence of wet media such as water, oil of bad environment and its wear resistance is higher than general rubber several times to dozens times. Can increase the minority in this type of polyurethane elastomer disulfide aluminum and graphite or silicone oil lubricant, such as improving wear resistance. 3, processing methods diversity, wide applicability. Process, the diversity of the polyurethane elastomer has a very wide range of applicability, application scope expands unceasingly. 4, good adaptability to bad environment, stick relay is excellent. Pu castor elastomer obtained in industry, agriculture, science and other categories are widely used.
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