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Pu castor play a positive role to improve the quality of our work

by:Dajin caster     2020-04-29
Pu castor play a positive role to the improvement of quality of work, when the application field of castor is more and more big, the market demand is becoming more and more and more industry and product development in the direction of the convenient and quick, castor itself is also in constant improvement and innovation. From the earliest people use ourselves as castor handling objects, to install directly to the object, and then to can turn the universal casters, are now more buffer castor with a variety of additional functions. Actually this kind of development trend and the development of automobile extremely similar. The original car just for a few frame on wheels, in deciding when to build a car not have other & other; Car just four wheels throughout gaza hair &; The idea of building cars, visible at the time. Soon, of course, the consumer's material and cultural demand growth prompted auto update, from the independent suspension to half independent suspension, and then to independent suspension, formerly independent suspension after the independent suspension to the front and rear independent suspension, independent suspension from the paper structure has been developed to the connecting rod structure, etc. These changes are only for the sake of better performance, more comfortable to use. Although tens of thousands of different species of castor, buffer castor most widely used, thanks to the buffer castor has not only high bearing capacity, more filtering turbulence, reduce the effect of impact, whether cargo or manned will play a protective role, improve the comfortableness. As people to ask for more and more, the function of the castor buffer castor also started to further development, low center of gravity, small turning radius and so on, began to adapt to more and more fields and the environment. In pu castor has been committed to high-end design development and production of castor, more than ten years of unremitting efforts, in the buffer casters, heavy-duty casters, industrial casters have rich experience and strength, the product has been widely recognized in international society. Pu castor will gradually lead the castor industry development, for a wider range of customers with more quality products and services. Pu castor play a positive role to the improvement of quality of work, more news and information about pu castor please click: gsnews / 148. html
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