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Pu castor remember to periodically check the wear after use

by:Dajin caster     2020-05-03
Pu castor remember to periodically check the wear after use, industrial casters, especially in the presence of water, oil and other wetting medium work conditions, its wear resistance is often several times to dozens times of ordinary rubber materials. Metal materials such as steel, although very hard, but does not have wear-resisting, such as the Yellow River irrigated area of large water pump, the flow components through a large amount of sediment scouring metal ring and skirts, in less than a few hundred hours serious wear is leaking, and use the mouth of the polyurethane elastomer coating is the continuous running 1800 small ring and skirts into still not wear. Other rice huller rubber roller, such as milling, coal preparation with sieve sieve plate, universal wheel stadium track the runway, crane forklift dynamic oil seal, elevator wheels and wheel roller skates, etc are also polyurethane elastomer. Need to mention here is that to improve the low hardness of the friction coefficient of polyurethane elastomer parts, improve the wear resistance under the bearing load. Consider using the size of the pavement, obstacles and other factors. Special environment: each wheel to adapt to different work environment, choose the best to adapt to the special environment. Traditional rubber not acid oil and chemicals, for example, if you want to apply different special environment, division of suitable high-tech, plastic, bakelite modified polyurethane tire iron and steel wheel is a good choice. Ball bearings can carry heavier load, ball bearing rotation is more flexible but carrying a lighter. Rubber casters or slack is likely to lead to serious breakage scroll is not stable, leakage, load is unusual, and floor damage and so on, timely replacement of damaged can reduce downtime due to damage of castor castor and bearing the cost. Check whether the wheel bearing damaged, if there is no damage to the parts can be reassembled continue to use, if often meet the wheels is sundry winding phenomenon Suggestions can avoid assembly anti-wind cover. One aspect of reducing wear is to maintain universal wheel, on the other hand we also starting from the ground, some reason occasions ground condition was very bad, the universal wheel after use must remember to check the wear situation, make corresponding processing. Pu castor remember to periodically check the wear after use, more news and information about pu castor please click: hynews / 340. html
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