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Pu castor technological level requirements of technical personnel

by:Dajin caster     2020-05-03
Pu castor technological level requirements for technical personnel, is usually two kinds of casters are generally use collocation, such as the structure of the trolley is in front of two fixed wheel, behind near the armrest is driven by two wheels. Any items for transport, use, preservation conditions will impact vibration may be produced but the product such as adverse even cannot be used in a certain period of time, type furniture with its big, weight and other characteristics are often vulnerable to the impact, and at the bottom to determine whether furniture placed smooth castor is more should have good impact resistance. Castor hardware parts before plating processing, is the basis of castor hardware part plating, also is the key to guarantee product quality. Castor hardware parts before plating is not to the requirements of the plating substrate processing, even if has the good castor hardware part of the plating solution, appropriate castor castor hardware part plating parameters and good regulation hardware part plating parameters of equipment and skilled staff, it is impossible to get to meet the requirements of quality casters hardware parts plating. Castor hardware part and castor galvanized metal parts of cadmium plating layer of the chromate conversion coating & amp; If gt in smoke remained in 1% is unqualified, the whole batch of unqualified. Appearance inspection: the inspection according to drawings, according to process, according to the standard, and left with the factory sample standard; As a template. Part of chrome hardware castor mainly should not have visible plating layer on the surface defects, such as blister, porosity, rough, crack or partial without coating, but inevitably caused by metal substrate defect except coating defects. Plating parts should be clean and no damage. Cold castor riveting method that comes natural flow bend deformation of the rivet to metal, will not reduce the notched impact toughness and ductility of material, reduces the rivet and a tangential tensile stress around the pier head too high, the danger of no broken fiber material flow after riveting, can improve the bearing capacity of the rivet. Will swing cold grinding with traditional stamping hammer, castor castor riveting riveting do destructive test specimens after know, cold run castor riveting method produced by the coupling strength is about 80% higher than that of traditional castor riveting. After cold run castor riveting rivets almost no deformation phenomenon such as bending, drum abdomen, pier crude. Pu castor technological level requirements for technical personnel, more news and information about pu castor please click: hynews / 340. html
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