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Pu castor weight capacity and what factors?

by:Dajin caster     2020-05-06
Wheels because under different working conditions, need material also will have some differences, will usually choose nylon, rubber, cast iron, plastic and so on. In general the wheels of the polyurethane can meet almost all of the ground, and elastic pu castor industry is normally only in relatively flat used the ceramic tile of the ground. Pu castor weight capacity and what factors? Although the mute casters is quite popular in the industry of life. But in the industrial production situation has not seen. This is because the silent castor wheel surface coefficient of friction with the ground and contact area big, often leads to the high load bearing is more difficult. Mute casters, in other words, the weight capacity is limited. And the choice of stent is relatively simple, it only need to consider is that industrial casters can achieve load. Pu castor manufacturers selling price & # 8203; If it is under the relatively smooth working environment, and the weight is lighter, they can choose plating light stents. But if you need to carry something more onerous generally will be to choose thick cast iron type as scaffolds. General industrial castor mainly material is on wheels and bracket. The so-called silent castor, refers to the soft with elasticity of castor, such as rubber casters, artificial rubber casters, polyurethane casters, and so on. The caster's biggest advantage is that the noise is small, the use of experience degree is high, mute casters is extremely widely used in public places, such as supermarkets, shopping malls, etc. To sum up, the customer should according to their own needs to buy castor, rather than blindly believe mute casters is perfect, especially in industry, mute casters choice should be careful. Lots of research data show that water and oxygen are the main cause of industrial casters rust. Humid environment, moisture to evaporate in the air will react with the appearance of industrial casters, forming a layer of oxide film, commonly known as castor rust. Castor palm red rust present, density is small, big volume, easy to fall off. If you don't handle in time, the whole industrial casters are likely to rust, into a chip. High elastic polyurethane caster wheel bearing capacity and the use of other industrial casters above materials, are based on the use of the different environment to choose, their respective advantages and disadvantages are also reflected in these places. In addition, for those who have a rusty industrial casters, timely maintenance. Best to use a paper towel to wipe clean in a dry place preservation for a period of time, after paint over again and put into use again. So, if we know that the reason of industrial casters rust, then you should do to avoid this kind of situation? Think castor best use, save in dry place. If because of environmental problems, can't change using the environment, you can brush with industrial casters appearance on a layer of paint. The paint can have the effect of isolation from the air and water, effectively prevent the oxidation of the castor is. ( ​ )
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