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Qingdao big into castor help you parse the advantage of mute casters

by:Dajin caster     2020-04-04
Silent castor wheels used in the material has a variety of: mainly divided into super synthetic rubber casters, polyurethane casters, and so on. Synthetic rubber ( PE / TPR) With the elastic and plastic properties of rubber, castor can be more durable, impact resistant, silent, and the characteristics of the floor; In addition, also has excellent weather resistance, low temperature performance, chemical resistance, waterproof, steam and durable thorn. Processing and molding is better than that of natural rubber and TPU. Main advantages: hardness of 60 - a 90 a quiet operation and no noise interference with excellent abrasion resistance and anti elastic, excellent resistance to uv and ozone resistance excellent damping effect, good resistance to contraction good tensile performance, high elongation at break dust-free, anti-static, conductive, etc. ( 10 hours don't wear) ; A trace on the floor, not rubber wheel will precipitate with sulfur and carbon black, good corrosion resistance to hou can be applied to household various harsh and extreme environments inside and outside wide scope of heat-resistant, long-term use of temperature range - more or less are allowed Between 50 ~ 115 ℃. High load ( 25 - 500kg) , high wear resistance, high rebound C70 % above rebound elasticity; And PP has good stick relay, can through the ICM standard castor life testing; Excellent safety and health performance, has passed ROHS, PAHs test, accord with the eu environmental requirements. Product features: 1, the surface treatment: galvanized environmental protection, electrophoresis, spraying; 2, rotary parts: double ball orbit, more stable and strong; 3, welding process: one side welding, welding by both sides; 4, iron plate thickness: 5. 5毫米; 5, brake, wheel side brake, bracket and wheel surface double brake, 4 rotating positioning brake; 6, support material: steel plate; 7, the wheel color: routine for gray, other colors can be customized. Product use: 1, textile factories handling equipment; 2, various weight handling apparatus; 3, the automotive industry, electrical factory manufacturing enterprises such as necessary supplies; 4, production building scaffolding is special; 5, high temperature resistant wheel used for kitchen equipment, electrical equipment, car barn, paint spraying, baking equipment, food oven, baking, etc. ; 6, stainless steel products used in food industry, senior hotel tooling cars or humid environment; 7, hyundai, kia, Renault car factory logistics, etc. Medical mute casters in order to adapt to the requirements of the hospital operation is light, flexible steering, elasticity, special ultra-quiet, abrasion resistance, winding and resistance to chemical corrosion and so on characteristics, special castor. Mainly divided into light-duty castor ( Chrome plated stents circular plug rod of chloroprene rubber roller, chrome plated tubular rivets of chloroprene rubber roller) Metal stents class castor ( Screw type, tubular rivet type) , STO all plastic stent castor ( Activities/fixed type, screw type, screw type stainless steel, rod type) CPT class medical casters (a The screw type, screw type, activity/fixed type, inserted rod type) And castor for intermediate and health double brake casters, can meet the medical various comprehensive environmental requirements. This paper label: big into castor mute casters industrial casters a: industrial cushioning castor material, structure, make use features actually next article: low center of gravity of the castor application and installation
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