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by:Dajin caster     2020-04-27
Recommend you wear resistant high strength of pu castor, ( ) Looking for polyurethane casters on the baidu, choose according to the size of the caster, generally have a light-duty castor 1 - industrial casters 5 ', that is, the diameter 25 mm - 125毫米。 4 - industrial heavy duty caster wheel diameter 100 mm - 10 inch: 250 mm, super-heavy castor size from 6 inch - general 16 inches and above, 150 - mm More than 400 mm and 400 mm of castor wheels. 3 and according to the material selection of industrial casters, customers can use environment and requirements of according to oneself, choose nylon universal casters, polyurethane casters, industrial rubber casters, industrial casters, cast iron synthetic rubber mute wheel, resistance to high temperature environment with high temperature resistant phenolic resin wheel, etc. Roller plate in a plane parallel to the wheel axis of rotation wheel in 45 & deg; The axis of rotation. Universal wheel is to be able to use standard case shape in any direction. 100 mm universal wheel ( mecanum轮子) - - - - - - W092 right universal wheel ( Mecanum轮子) It can move in any direction. It should be with the other three wheels ( 2 left and 1 right) Supporting the use. The installation of the roller bearings, make rolling more fluent. 100 mm universal wheel ( mecanum轮子) - - - - - - W087 left 100 mm universal wheel ( Mecanum轮子) Loads should be with the other three universal wheel ( 1 right, second left) Supporting the use. Roller ball bearing installation and makes it very fluently. A group of 203 mm Mecanum wheel ( 4) 14128203 mm universal wheel ( mecanum轮) Is a heavy wheel. A series of rolls of each wheel, installation to make them the axis of the rotation axis of the wheel is 45. Through the buffer shock absorption structure damping principle castor road uneven on the impact of the carrier, guarantee the smooth, in the process of vehicle handling of parts in the process of slow transportation vibration and damage, shock absorbing materials are generally rubber shock absorption and spring damping, rubber and polyurethane, rubber adhesive blocks of rubber block, spring suspension style is more, a single coil and looks, springs and spring tree and transverse spring damping, etc. More news and information about pu castor please click: hynews / 271. html
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