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Regional brand has become a new direction - castor industry development Castor, industrial casters manufacturers: big wheel industry!

by:Dajin caster     2020-05-10
As the change of market competition and regional comparative advantage, structural upgrading has become the inevitable trend of the castor industry development. In recent years, domestic castor industry cluster innovation actively, improving the industrial structure, promoting industrial cluster to improve competitive ability. The expert points out, regional brand has become a new direction for the development of castor industry. In the face of the advancement of economic construction, castor market in China is more and more fierce competition, castor domestic enterprises have experienced the baptism of competition at home and abroad, some excellent enterprise, continue to grow stronger. As big brand products in order to gain more consumers, brand influence large area can attract more outlets, suppliers, investors and all kinds of talents. At present various DaWuJin products industry base of China, in different extent promoted the prosperity of upstream and downstream industries, the overall development of the castor industry is very favorable. From the face of the castor industry development in recent years, Beijing, Shanghai, guangdong, jiangsu and actively promote the development of high-tech industry agglomeration, promote the industrial park in the direction of industrial cluster evolution, the prototype of the high-tech industry cluster preliminary revealed, which will be conducive to promoting the structure of industrial cluster upgrading, improve the overall structure of industrial cluster. As world castor wheels and rubber plastic hardware tools of professional manufacturers and exporters, wanda wheel industry thinks, in market competition intense economic society, not only need brand products, enterprises also need to brand, product brand shows unique product performance and quality of enterprise brand is the market advantage and product features. In the backdrop of the national five-year plan was deepened, wanda industry will continue to adhere to technological innovation, to market demand as the guide, comprehensively promote the enterprise brand construction, expand the influence of the industry.
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