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Robot castor how to choose and what are the standard casters

by:Dajin caster     2020-05-08
Robot castor how to choose and what are the content of the scale of the castor wheels physical need wheels could be placed on the set equipment decoration, can not that can be tricky. How long is this parameter need affirmation, castor pattern of diameter, height, and resettlement postures, such as the credentials of each product specification request to castor, eventually can mount the set decoration equipment casters, is castor. Usual, wheel diameter, the eve of the simple propulsion, load power is also a more accurate maintenance of the eve of the air, no damage. Wheel diameter small selection of the eve of a couplet should think startup thrust bearing component and high load vans to choice. Credentials postures with no pattern, castor can divide again how long screw, flat, directional, eve was selected, to choose to put style pattern. No same situation, castor material request with common wheels made of nylon, rubber, polyurethane, elastic rubber, core pack polyurethane, cast iron, plastic, etc. Polyurethane wheel is no theory of indoor and outdoor air, can satisfied your handling requests; Elastic lugs can adapt to the hotel, medical apparatus and instruments, wooden floor, ceramic tile air request too little peace when walking on air travel; Nylon wheel, wheel or on flat or air to air garden of scrap iron and other supplies. Initially, the effects of cold and hot place of castor, of the eve of the need to pick a special decoration castor set equipment, able to support until you stop custom oh. The scale of the castor: 1, the scale of China: the important means that 15 years ago, by the China sanjiang space enterprise, hubei hong Lin castor plant proposed, a beginning measure of industrial casters, plan castor series points is very narrow, and the request of the scale of the detection of objective request is also extremely long, important is by the euro industrial rubber wheel product as the basic foundation, this hour, castor application request is extremely low, with is that the supply of testing work take decoration is also relative to the very last set equipment, application need to take the job market today have can not stand, is to, now in China is also working on today, from the compilation castor scale in China. 2, the scale: it is important for furniture and other light chakras have a very strict request, than Fang Chan wheel compressive strength and heat resistance properties of the material, product structure on the surface of the mute, satiny beautiful degree, etc. , to, be under the current international furniture industry must implement an industry scale, commonality of Chinese, the most famous is the castor brand, how long the world furniture of the eve of the retail giant Heidi poetry, the red star us triumphant dragon specified product suppliers. 3, Germany scale: it is important for wheel for light and heavy industry, very tall to the swing of single wheel clearance request of castor, riveting gap between support requests accurate are at the mercy of 10 silk, from 3 to 4 mm bracket thickness. 5 mm thickness of stents, beyond light industry and heavy industry round two money of the eve of the series, hole location is given priority to with 60 * 80, also were we called the euro. 4, the Japanese scale: important, it is now on the market today's Japanese rubber wheel square plate, consolidate take no phase flow stent chamber model of medium and light chrome plated, Japan wheel is the most important feature of rubber wheel is given priority to, the most famous brands have Japanese star, Japan hammer, Japan castor light is more accepted single sheet metal plate creation, also is we often say that the mirror point of steel, hole average is. 5, the scale: today the market is important for 6 mm steel plate welding of heavy-duty casters to said, softly, shun company in the United States as the leader, the flag high Mr Rush, jia wei, such as the product of a famous innovate from amateur to technical content of the running of the caster and chao deng exercise of the artificial plastic new material grades the center competitiveness of the company; Take relative to the rest of the scale than the scale, the scale is the most easy to castor request, for castor products industry classification is very long, and for castor products own clearance request is not high, with is that American castor gap compare the eve of the ordinary is swinging very loose riveting, important exaggerate the scale of heavy load of welding and promote flexibility, support changing the point for the consolidation of the party; Hole location is given priority to with 105 * 115.
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