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See how office chair casters, in fact, the use

by:Dajin caster     2020-04-19
In the narrow office chair became the common items, office chair is a lot of more phyletic, now use most is popular with everyone on the office chair is equipped with treads, wheeled the so-called castor; After the office chairs with casters into more and more people work life, because it can everyone at work is more easy to use, improve the work performance. And office chairs removable function directly depends on the caster, and directly influences the quality of office chair casters flexible while moving the chair and the using time, let's make a simple understanding of castor. Categories: office chair casters is a lot of more phyletic, the mainly material has the very big different, there are usually common castor and PU round of the two, of course this is not absolute, mainly according to actual condition to define the office chair casters material. How to change a: 1, office chair casters if by clamp stuck, replacement, will chair upside down and grabbed the old castor, it with explosive force and put in new, forcibly clap, hearing 1 of 'pa' is installed. 2, the office chair casters, if thread is on the change of time, will the chair upside down, take down the old caster wheel rotation, the new rotation in packed. Replacement of note: 1, the caster wheel size: you need to determine the change of the caster wheel size are consistent with the other castor office furniture, will be shown after the different size of caster wheel mount unbalanced state, and affect the use effect of office furniture. 2, castor type: hard floor use rigid castor wheels; Using a soft castor carpeted floors; According to the material selection on the floor for castor, get the best performance. Castor features: 1, release the brake, castor mobile; 2, press brake, caster wheel lock, do not move; Office chair casters in use is very broad, and sometimes because of the quality of the products or damaged truckle under external force factors, this time don't want to change with casters, a chair, then it need to use the above knowledge; Although the knowledge is not comprehensive, but can let everybody more comfortable from overall change office chair casters, is meaningful knowledge skill, can also help you better understand office chair casters.
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