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by:Dajin caster     2020-04-12
Shenzhen industrial castor manufacturers to grain industrial casters, of course, the company focus on industrial castor production wholesale primarily, belong to the shenzhen manufacturer of casters for powerful, reliable quality as company of scale, models complete, the company all kinds of industrial caster manufacturer all spot, quantity is with preferential treatment, since since its establishment has reached a cooperation with hundreds of enterprises all over the country. The company industrial casters adopt high punch production of caster stents, stamping molding, suitable for 200 - 500 kg capacity short-distance transport of goods. Can be used according to different user environment can choose all kinds of material and the width of the load of castor. Can according to the size of the environmental bearing capacity to meet the needs of users to design different castor products. Optional industrial ball bearing and roller bearing industry.
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