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by:Dajin caster     2020-04-12
Shenzhen wo industrial casters wholesalers seek ShanHe of industrial casters in the company, the company focus on industrial casters for 30 years, headquartered in Taiwan, since the company since the establishment of 85% of products exported to the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia, Japan, Europe and other parts of the world, have considerable visibility in the industrial casters, the company produced grain of industrial casters forklift, trolley, supermarket trolley, medical beds and other common products. Or in the aircraft industry with wheel, car wheel used in industry and electronic industry and other demanding also can be used in the industry, and our company can produce up to 5000 kinds of different industrial casters from small furniture caster to each can only bear castor is complete in all 10 tons of heavy industry, quality is reliable. Any inquire the company any business we will provide customers with quality products at good prices. Shenzhen wo industrial casters 24-hour service hotline: 13713454177
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