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Small pu castor can withstand one thousand jins weight

by:Dajin caster     2020-05-02
Small pu castor can withstand one thousand jins weight? Used for handling all kinds of mechanical machine or other heavy objects, can cooperate with jack, hand over the top and other lifting tool are used together, reduce the labor intensity, improve efficiency. I companies operating various types of truck, such as the carrier, is mainly used for handling journey across obstacles in handling work, the carrier can easily cross obstacle, won't hurt to the carrier and the operation is simple; Material directly determines the application scope and the intensity of industrial caster wheel, the material of industrial casters usually have pu, nylon, rubber, cast iron, plastic, etc. Among them, pu, nylon is the most common castor material, are used in various situations, is the general material. For some special places, such as the special requirements of some extremely demanding occasions, can choose a particular material in order to achieve the use effect. Usually wheel diameter the more the more easy to drive, the greater the load capacity and at the same time, it is to protect the surface from being damaged, wheel diameter size first consideration should be given the choice of bearing and the weight of the load on the truck starting thrust to decide. In order to be able to calculate the load capacity of various casters need must know the weight of transport equipment and maximum load and the number of single wheel and castor. More news and information about pu castor please click: hynews / 285. html
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