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So many kind of pu castor there is always a suitable for you

by:Dajin caster     2020-05-01
So many kind of pu castor there is always a suitable for you, the characteristics of heavy duty castor is do short-distance transport items can carry a lot of weight, and can according to user needs to choose different material and the bearing capacity of casters, heavy-duty casters have two different bearings can be optional, is very convenient. Choose this kind of heavy duty castor products, the most important thing is to see its flexibility performance, bearing capacity, temperature limit and so on to shopping, when you choose and buy must pay attention to cough up. If there is anything not clear, do not understand, can Internet inquiries at any time, believe there is always a product is suitable for you! Heavy-duty casters, especially in the presence of water, oil and other wetting medium work conditions, its wear resistance is often several times to dozens times of ordinary rubber materials. Metal materials such as steel, although very hard, but does not have wear-resisting, such as the Yellow River irrigated area of large water pump, the flow components through a large amount of sediment scouring metal ring and skirts, in less than a few hundred hours wear serious water leakage, the mouth of the polyurethane (pu) elastomer coating and the continuous running 1800 small ring and skirts into still not wear, so polyurethane heavy-duty casters on the wear-resisting performance has a certain advantage. On load capacity of universal wheel needed to calculate before need to know the unit weight of transportation equipment, maximum load and the number of the universal wheel used. Transportation equipment weight, T load weight required for universal wheel, Z for maximum load, N for factor of safety ( 1. 3 - 1. 5) , M is the number of universal wheel used, usually needed for a single wheel load capacity calculation formula is: T = ( E+Z) / M× 无。 Choose universal wheel material to choose the appropriate wheel material size, in addition to the need to consider the pavement field residue and obstacles should also be comprehensive analysis of the wheel can carry important and environment conditions, such as rubber wheel cannot acid and fat, according to various special environment are needed to determine the material of the universal wheel. Decided to wheel diameter size of the bigger the diameter of the universal wheel load capacity, the greater the more easy to promote, can maximum limit protection ground, wheel diameter size commonly need comprehensive truck starting thrust under load and load weight may determine. Rotating flexible single wheel rotation, the more the greater the effort, needle roller bearing load is heavier, rotational resistance is big, and installation of ball bearing of single wheel rotation is relatively light, higher flexibility. So many kind of pu castor there is always a suitable for you, more news and information about pu castor please click: hynews / 229. html
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