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Special non-standard custom AGV castor, reflect the product function

by:Dajin caster     2020-04-09
AGV special castor now in castor industry is regarded as a new market dark horse, compared with other castor products, it can accomplish on intelligent design more thoroughly, at the same time with some combination of automation equipment has a higher degree of adaptation or transport equipment, AGV castor for many friends won't feel strange, it is a kind of automation industry and production of high-tech equipment such as robots are common components for mobile carrier, its high efficiency and can also be more convenient and quick to operate. From the point of the design features of the product, this kind of castor mainly wheeled mobile design, but the size of the equipment according to the different products have different design requirements, due to such castor is regarded as one of the efficient operation of the driving wheel, a lot of buyers in order to be able to ensure that the product use has a better effect will consider all kinds of product customization services, and special non-standard custom AGV castor mainly want to reflect or product features. Special non-standard custom AGV castor, for controllable can further improve the products, because of non-standard custom service belongs to the one-to-one service, customers in the process of product design for the product design requirements are better able to meet, because the factory can provide all kinds of drawings according to the customer to design the corresponding products, targeted adjustment for the products. Truckle to use according to the current situation, in the field of automation design of AGV castor usage has appeared an obvious increase, the majority of industrial intelligent mobile devices, such as AGV car is also adopted various AGV castor, for mobile operation and material distribution, AGV caster configuration of mobile equipment automation degree is higher, and it don't need other laid among the activities of the regional rail or stent, etc. , not limited by space and space, in the process of equipment use, through the computer terminal sends the information to the central control room, let equipment can according to the instructions to complete the relevant operation, etc. Of course, such professional caster design difficulty coefficient is higher, and is also a test for manufacturers strength, good truckle supplier need to be able to specifically designed for the product quality as well as details on the optimization design has a more accurate grasp. All the AGV castor before leaving the factory to be able to pass the strict screening and quality inspection, to ensure that the product of preciseness, use science and technology and quality to create perfect AGV castor. Non-standard custom services need to be able to strictly carry out the 3 c product inspection standards, and for customers, countries emphasize the of all kinds of quality of the products they are buying time can also be more at ease. Quality of AGV castor can design refinement to every detail, including castor bracket and the chassis design and so on, can be flexible modification and so on make it suitable for the combination of different equipment, if confirmed to do all kinds of non-standard custom AGV is special castor, customers and manufacturers need to be able to review the necessary communication, this is also convenient for factory also can better understand customer demands. The characteristics of non-standard custom service is strong flexibility and operability. Recommend if considering all kinds of non-standard custom service recently, still need to be able to consider the actual, for screening to a trustworthy manufacturer, so can really make?
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