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Spring advantage in castor

by:Dajin caster     2020-05-08
Spring a advantage in castor. Easy to start using spring damping castor outsourcing polyurethane core wheel core. With good flexibility and abrasion resistance. It installed on the vehicle equipment in power low ( Such as 6 inches shock-proof wheels and 3. 6 kg of the power of single wheel load of 200 kg) 。 2. High speed drive spring damping castor with double cone ball bearing. In the process of high-speed traction, can better prevent castor, greatly reduce the noise, the quiet for production workshop production environment. 3. Seal of dust-proof and winding performance damping spring castor earthquake spring completely sealed, has excellent dustproof and winding resistance, to adapt to the different options and requirements. Four. Impact resistance shockproof spring spring suspension castor selection of quality, big diameter size bead board, floor and upper plate after heat treatment, can greatly improve the beads plate of hardness and toughness, to rotate the disk is more flexible. Easy, greatly improve the performance of the force, to avoid damage to the caster wheel on the concave and convex surface. Use scope: kitchen equipment, mechanical equipment, heavy duty field operation platform, the material carrier, heavy duty frame, heavy warehousing equipment, heavy tool, such as flood. Single wheel features: material for high elastic polyurethane, the material of indoor, outdoor all can use, round face with a circular arc, promote flexible light, similar products for polyvinyl chloride (more commonly, or polyether, the product through special processing, better toughness, adhesion fastness is very strong, do not come unglued, not cracking, abrasion resistance, resistance to pressure ability and stronger environmental non-toxic note polyurethane is a kind of through the chemical injection of polyurethane elastomer, established on the basis of the polyester polyol diisocyanate glycol. Protect floor, flawless, don't dye, flexible, very resistant to friction, many erosion resistance material corrosion. Uv radiation. But not to heat water, steam, warm air and aromatic solvents. In addition, its permanent deformation degree is very low, rolling resistance is small, produce less heat when under dynamic load. Color to red. Casting polyurethane applicable temperature range: - 30 ℃ to + 70 ℃, short-term top + 90 ℃. In the below - 10 ℃ under the environment of rigidity. Hardness is 92 ° plus or minus 3
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