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Spring castor function and its application field

by:Dajin caster     2020-05-06
Spring characteristics and its application field suspension bracket of castor castor: stents chooses active carbon dioxide welding maintenance skills, high strength, impact resistance, environmental protection galvanized processing, salt spray test to reach the specifications; In the welding strength according to the rules and regulations, carry out destructive and melting point test, torsion test and hydrochloric acid to reach the rule specification. Damping castor single wheel features: raw materials for the high elastic polyurethane, indoor, outdoor all can use, round face with a circular arc, sensitive and easy. Polyurethane raw materials good patience, conflict resistance, corrosion resistance, strong adhesive fastness, not degum, not cracking, abrasion resistance, pressure resistance is strong, environmental protection, maintain the floor, and flawless, not dyed. Product advantages: one, easily start. Polyurethane wheel damping spring caster wheel choose core package, with excellent toughness flexibility and wearability, is put on the equipment used, motive force is small ( Such as 6 inch shock castor, in a single wheel load of 200 kg, motive force is 3. 6 kg) ; Second, the resistance to high speed. Castor wheels using double tapered roller bearing, it can well prevent the wheels in the process of high-speed traction, greatly reduces the noise, produce to supply production workshop with a quiet environment. Three, seal dustproof and anti-wind capability. Shock absorbing wheel seismic spring seal, outstanding dust-proof and anti-wind, to suit different options and requirements. Four, shockproof function. Selection of spring castor impact resistance aseismic springs, large diameter bead track plate, and the base plate, upper plate by heat treatment, can progress greatly bead set hard and patience, to sensitive bead plate rolling more easily, big step forward force function, prevent the wheels on the concave and convex surface damage by sensation. Use scope: kitchen equipment, mechanical equipment, heavy duty field operation channel, the material carrier, heavy duty frame, heavy warehousing equipment, heavy tool, such as wide application scope.
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