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Spring castor single wheel features and maintenance methods

by:Dajin caster     2020-05-07
Spring castor features of single wheel: the material is high elastic polyurethane, can be used for indoor and outdoor, slightly curved on the wheel surface, so as to improve the flexibility and portability. Damping spring castor manufacturers said polyurethane has good toughness, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, strong adhesive fastness, not degum, do not crack, strong wear resistance, compressive strength, environmental non-toxic, floor protection, perfect and dyeing. Product advantages: one, easy to start. Wheel spring mounted wheel is made of high quality polyurethane wheel core package, good toughness and wear resistance. When the equipment is installed in the car, the power is small ( 6 inches suspension castor, for example, single wheel load of 200 kg, power for 3. 6 kg) 。 Second, the high speed drive. Wheel with double tapered roller bearings, damping spring castor factory said can better prevent the wheels wobble in the process of high-speed traction, greatly reduce the noise, the quiet for production workshop production environment. Three, sealing, dustproof, prevent coil performance. Of the shockproof spring damping shock round completely sealed. It has excellent dustproof and waterproof coil performance, suitable for different options and requirements. Fourth, impact resistance. Shockproof spring spring castor selection of quality, big diameter size bead board, floor and upper plate after heat treatment, can greatly improve the beads plate of hardness and toughness, to rotate the disk is more flexible. Easy, greatly improve the performance of force and avoid the wheels on the concave and convex surface damage. Spring castor how universal wheel 1 correct maintenance, the test visual degree of wear and tear on the surface of the tires. 'Grinding point on the surface of the tire' could mean that the foreign substance accumulation, such as wire and other sundry, it might damage the wheel removal wheel bolts and nuts, clear clutter. Check whether the wheel bearing is damaged, if the parts damaged, not can be reassembled and continue to use. If the wheels frequently appear sundry winding phenomenon, suggest to avoid using cover. 2, universal wheel is loose or round card also can cause 'grinding', the appropriate maintenance check, in particular, check the number of bolts of sealing, lubricating oil, replace damaged universal caster wheel rolling can improve the equipment performance and flexibility. 3, serious damage or rubber tyre relaxation instability may result in rolling, air leak, abnormal load and floor damage etc. Anti-wind silk castor manufacturers said timely replacement tires and bearing damaged, can reduce losses caused by damage of castor. 4, check after repair wheels, ensure the bolt and nut tightening, loose and as far as possible use gaskets or lock nut. If is loose, tighten the immediately. If loose stent of the wheel, the wheel will be damaged or not. 5, preventive maintenance, universal wheel, make it run smoothly for a long time. This is a good way to improve the efficiency of universal wheel.
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