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Spring damping castor - excellent performance and application field

by:Dajin caster     2020-04-21
Universal wheel, adjust the foot manufacturer damping castor generally is widely used in automobile industry, it is the most important requirements of wheels have good turning performance and mechanical performance, in order to prevent the damage due to vibration in the process of work. Damping caster stents features: adopts automatic co2 protection welding technology, high strength, impact resistance, environmental protection galvanized processing, salt spray experiment has reached the national standard; In the welding strength according to the rules and national standards for destructive and torsion experiment and hydrochloric acid melting point, fully able to meet prescribed standards. Damping castor single wheel features: material for high elastic polyurethane, indoor, outdoor all can use, round face with a circular arc, promote flexible light. Polyurethane material toughness, good friction resistance, corrosion resistance, strong adhesive fastness, not degum, not cracking, abrasion resistance, pressure resistance is strong, non-toxic environmental protection, to protect the floor, and flawless, not dyed. Product advantages: one, easily start. Castor spring mounted wheel is made of high quality polyurethane wheel core package, has the good elasticity and abrasion resistance, is put on the equipment use, motive force is small ( Such as 6 inch shock castor, in a single wheel load of 200 kg, motive force is 3. 6 kg) ; Second, the resistance to high speed. Castor wheels adopts double tapered roller bearing, in the process of high-speed traction can better prevent the wheels wobble, greatly reduces the noise, provide production workshop with a quiet environment for our production. Three, seal dustproof and anti-wind performance. Shock absorbing wheel seismic spring completely sealed, extremely good dustproof and anti-wind to suitable for different options and requirements. Four, shockproof performance. Choose good impact resistance seismic spring spring castor, using large diameter bead plate orbit, and base plate, upper plate after heat treatment, can greatly improve the hardness and toughness of bead plate, make bead plate rotating more flexible, easily greatly improve mechanical performance, avoid the wheels on the concave and convex surface damaged by vibration.
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