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Stainless steel caster, how to improve performance

by:Dajin caster     2020-04-13
As people for the requirement of increasing the stainless steel castor products, promote the development of the castor with stainless steel products, stainless steel caster compared with other material castor, it has more excellent performance and appearance design of the atmosphere, more the favour of people and the high praise, stainless steel caster has good corrosion resistance, wear resistance, strong toughness and good machinability and so on, it is now widely used in aerospace, Marine, industry, textile industry and other fields. Stainless steel caster and tonal downy, silver color can provide aesthetic feeling but also better to clean up, which is one of the characteristics of stainless steel, from the perspective of the application of stainless steel casters, medical industry, textile industry, construction industry and so on are castor application of stainless steel, in order to improve the practicability of stainless steel castor, ready to write down the steps, attention is also important to use stainless steel caster and the note. First of all, pretreatment on the surface of the stainless steel caster must complete work, preprocessing is a series of stainless steel surface between castor do surface treatment, such as acid cleaning, chemical polishing, electroplating, passivation important steps, such as in stainless steel castor products manufacturing process, the surface is likely to stick on the oil pollution, burr, form the rough surface and oxide, and do the surface treatment will be able to make the oil pollution, burr, uneven surface to remove, such as make the subsequent processing and can obtain more satisfactory results. Stainless steel castor daily consumption is larger, from the current trends, purchase stainless steel caster is castor the hot spot of the industry, but we are considering castor products when you need to pay attention to the suitable environment, castor industry is more suitable for the construction industry, medical industry and food industry, so this kind of caster wheel design is excellent and beautiful, and their bearing capacity is affected by the use of material, not suitable for transportation industry giant physical object, it can satisfy the medical industry, etc, to the requirement of castor mute operation besides, flexibility, stainless steel caster and directional wheel used to provide the stability and safety of combination equipment, public approval for its high. Stainless steel caster can support double bead plate structure, at the same time, bead plate accept heating processing, can improve the product service life, tie-in appropriate thickness of thick steel plate at the same time, further improve the bearing capacity of the product, the stainless steel castor with integration of form a complete set of precision ball bearing, beautiful sliding noise is very small at the same time, a lot of medical treatment, quiet places such as hotels consider purchase will give priority to stainless steel castor castor products. Stainless steel products demand is very broad, but for many stainless steel product supplier, want to conquer the more blue ocean market, must need to accurately grasp market trends, understand the market need stainless steel products, and customers to the requirements of different castor, etc. Stainless steel caster for material selection is very strict, because only from the source control, to ensure that provides consumers with perfection of the caster and product design. Stainless steel caster and practicability is high, corrosion resistance, good heat resistance, these are the castor product advantage, but in order to obtain the surface of stainless steel castor extended product use effect, must be conducted to the caster appropriate mechanical polishing or electrochemical polishing, can really improve its own value, the better.
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