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Stainless steel caster of choose and buy, consider what points

by:Dajin caster     2020-04-13
Stainless steel products now has a wide application in every field, compared with other material, stainless steel material to be able to more features and advantages, it belongs to a kind of composite material, combined with other material disposition and advantages, including heat resistance, pressure resistance, corrosion resistence, etc. , today let's take a look at the stainless caster products how to purchase it. First of all we need to consider the stainless steel casters used in industry field, such as the medical industry, the hotel areas such as stainless steel caster is more, because most of them are very flexible operating stainless steel caster, while carrying capacity is not so high, such as polyurethane casters but still able to meet the medical, or basic requirements for the transport of goods in the hotel industry. These industries for product operation stability and mute effect is higher, the better medium such as the market sells stainless steel caster wheel can be very good to achieve the first two requirements, such castor has good load bearing capacity, and universal wheel caster design flexible, able to rotate, in this kind of caster in spinning process has no obvious noise, and there is less friction with the ground, both to reduce the wear and tear of castor can also play a role in protecting the ground, is serve several. But design and manufacture of stainless steel products, including stainless steel of all kinds of different materials for the casters will have influence on the use of the products, recommended at the time of purchase stainless steel caster can give priority to with the high quality manufacturer cooperation, so to be able to better ensure the quality of the use of castor products. Stainless steel caster and is now in transportation, storage services are widely used, but its bearing capacity to combine practical consideration, in general, the combination of three castor to is equal to or greater than the limit bearing bearing capacity, but this is not to say that as long as it is ok to buy three castor, best can buy four casters to avoid overload suddenly encountered in the process of actual operation. In addition to want to consider the number of casters to purchase, also need to pay attention to the diameter of the castor pick, admittedly caster wheel diameter, the greater the flexibility of it, the better, but it also can have a drawback, castor product if the bigger the diameter of its centre of gravity is moving, so the caster wheel diameter or of the specific weight of equipment, products using frequency and other aspects to consider. If want to make stainless steel caster wheel can improve the anticorrosive properties, that is about to choose steel alloy elements contained in more stainless steel caster wheel, when the chromium steel is contained in more than twelve percent, after oxidizing reaction with corrosive medium chromium element, the stainless steel surface to form a thin layer of oxide film, to prevent further costumes, and stainless steel caster wheel according to the different matrix organization in the market can be divided into ferritic stainless steel, austenitic stainless steel and martensitic stainless steel, etc. , if for different stainless steel products is not very understanding friend Suggestions, able to communicate more with the industry into sure after you want stainless steel caster in purchase. Stainless steel castor products popular on the market nowadays, everyone is preferred for such castor products, it is not easy to wear and tear, and the stability of the product is very high, so can greatly prolong its service life.
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