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Stainless steel castor characteristics and main performance function

by:Dajin caster     2020-05-07
Stainless steel caster stents features: adopts 304 stainless steel plate, stainless steel double bead plate structure, corrosion resistance is strong, washable 100% luminal surface polishing can keep the light for a long time. Applicable to food processing and food and beverage industry such as load larger mobile devices. Stainless steel castor wheels matching: core PU wheel, core rubber, PU, nylon wheel, electric wooden wheel plastic core, cast iron wheel, TPR, anti-static commonly used color is black, red, gray, white, and blue. Waterproof, rust and corrosion resistant stainless steel caster ( Apply to damp environment) Applicable to food processing and food and beverage industry such as load larger mobile devices. Stainless steel caster and determine its features and performance function: has the function of horizontal rotation is used to dry wet depart and dry wet Shared console, namely, all kinds of medicinal gases, strong and weak electricity, network output terminal integration on the console, and configuration of pneumatic brake and damping device drift, mesa and drawer can place a certain weight of medical instrument. The influencing factors of stainless steel caster wheel driving flexibility: stents of the structure and the selection of steel, the size of the wheel, wheel type, bearing, etc. Driving wheels, the greater the flexibility, the better, on the ground at a steady, hard, narrow wheel than flat soft wheel. But on the uneven ground, soft wheels. But on the uneven ground, soft wheels can better protect equipment and avoid vibration. Stainless steel caster and flexible operation, quiet and beautiful, stainless steel castor mainly use environment: use A space environment. The deadweight of C B products containing chemicals in the environment, blood, grease, oil, salt and other substances. D all kinds of special climate, such as moisture, heat or cold, E driving shock, collision and quiet. The strength of the stainless steel caster stents compared with other materials of stents are relatively strong, even the long-term high strength load, as long as it is bearing can meet the specifications of products, support is not easy to deformation, prolong its service life. Now the food processing industry, chemical industry, such as stainless steel caster is the best choice. Stainless steel chassis after using this material to make the bottom is not easy to deformation, but also more level off, at the same time at the time of assembly for the influence of the scaffold will be smaller. Stainless steel caster product differentiation is obvious nowadays, design different products have different bearing reference, if want to choose a recent friend castor products, considering the appropriate castor products need to be combined with the various elements of view, or also will affect the normal use of the product. Including product use bearing limits, the use of different environment, such as castor seemingly is a simple product, its functional widely to be reckoned with.
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