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Stainless steel castor packing appearance analysis:

by:Dajin caster     2020-05-07
Stainless steel caster and the main properties and advantages for stainless steel caster performance and main functions: the horizontal rotating function, dry wet depart and dry-wet universal console, all kinds of medicinal gases, strong and weak electricity, integration of network output on the console terminal, and is equipped with pneumatic brake and the damping device to prevent drift, desktop and drawer can put a certain weight of medical equipment. Stainless steel caster product material requirements: crane arm is a patent of high strength aluminum alloy extrusion boom, high load-bearing and streamlined appearance, high strength aluminum alloy profile is used for the console, joint venture German medical gas terminals, surface coating and after oxidation treatment, has the function of protection and cleaning, simple and neat appearance. Stainless steel castor packing appearance analysis: under normal circumstances, the ordinary stainless steel castor castor plant use carton or pallet packaging and transportation, marked with obvious gimmick, Including castor product name, the location of the manufacturer, telephone, etc. ) , effectively prevent the casters in transport. Damage. Since small factory converted into mass production or not in order to save cost, so it usually packed in woven bag, this does not guarantee of castor products damaged during the transit. Stainless steel caster wheel bearing capacity: stainless steel caster wheel used for processing. It is a plastic wheel or injection molding metal casters. Therefore, castor wheels must be round or spherical. This is the most basic reason, never out of date. Castor wheels smooth surface, no bruises, uniform color, no obvious color difference. Stainless steel caster operation performance analysis: high quality stainless steel wheels, roof rotates, each ball should be able to hit a steel plate surface, smooth rotation has no obvious resistance. When stainless steel castor wheels rotate, they should rotate and rotate without obvious jumping up and down. Everything needs to be done first, so that further, more smoothly. Manufacturing stainless steel caster is so real; When you are in complain that chance and luck has not yet come, we should not blindly complain lose confidence, please hurry to improve your ability, improve your competence, no matter where you are able to face it, when to have a chance and luck in one day, you can take it calmly and easier than getting the chance to take the opportunity to find you.
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