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Stainless steel castor products, how to do regular care

by:Dajin caster     2020-04-13
Castor products now has been widely used in many industries, compared with other materials of castor products, stainless caster and more durable, easy to clean at the same time, the design of the most stainless steel caster are universal wheel, casters, flexible steering and generous appearance, suitable for hotel or transportation operation in medical industry, but castor products and other equipment, all use, there must be loss and reasonable way of nursing can improve the wear of the castor products, improve the performance of the castor products today let's take a look at the stainless steel caster and how to make regular care. Many friends for stainless caster and understanding is not comprehensive, stainless steel caster is not rust, it's just better corrosion resistance, the reason for stainless steel caster wheel surface with a layer of purification of membrane, and it will be in the nature exists in the form of more stable oxide, though the oxidation speed is faster, but there is use for a long time will still be corrosion phenomena, and if it is stainless steel caster wheel surface corrosion phenomenon, increased the area of contact with air, its corrosion speed will be faster, so for the surface of the stainless steel castor products need regular cleaning and maintenance, keep it to the full appearance, prolong service life, cleaning stainless steel castor, don't bargain to pay attention to the surface of castor rainbow words, avoid using bleach composition of detergents, and don't use some sharp cleaning tools, including steel wire ball, etc. Stainless steel castor different stains have different processing methods, if stainless steel caster wheel surface dust, water washing, can use alkalescent soap and oil if there are not easy to dissolve in water stains neutral detergent can be used to complete the cleaning job, stainless steel castor if have the rainbow. This is caused by the excessive use of detergent, wash with neutral detergent can erase. Stainless steel caster when used for road environment also has certain requirements, Suggestions can be used in the flat point environment, denied that it is easy to wear the stainless steel castor, shorten its service life, in fact stainless steel caster to master the correct maintenance method, is able to prolong its service life, improve the effect of its use, suggest that we can learn more practical and efficient way of maintenance. Stainless steel caster use after a period of time all need oiling, first of all to stainless steel oil into specialized equipment, then put the stainless steel oil dry dishcloth above evenly and then evenly by rag wipe the stainless steel surface of castor, for some stubborn stains can be repeated to wipe. Finished oil after nursing intervention, we need to do is polished, looking for a clean dishcloth will be from the beginning to the end of stainless steel to wipe again, until it is polished. On the nursing of stainless steel caster and still we should be more widely understand some basic knowledge, to do a good job of maintenance regularly, stainless steel caster now life is also more and more related with us, it is widely applied in many fields, and castor products is also more and more, want to let the castor products play a better effect, still need to master the methods of use and subsequent maintenance essentials, prolong the service life of the product. I hope everyone can buy the cheap and fine stainless steel caster and better play its effectiveness.
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