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Suitable for light-duty castor bearing and maintenance

by:Dajin caster     2020-04-28
Suitable for light-duty castor bearing and the correct maintenance of the user is responsible for the wheeled equipment maintenance and operation. To avoid improper use or overload, please gently into when heavy vehicles. In high speed on bumpy roads or hit the wheel weights may damage the wheels or equipment. Therefore, please check: stents and fasteners: tighten loose shaft and nut and check weld or support plate is damaged. Overload or the impact could lead to a bracket distortion. Distortion of stents cause heavy load relative to each wheel tilt, wheel leads to premature failure. If it is a plunger type caster, please tighten the nut or firmly fixed nut, and ensure that equipment mounting bracket without bending and plunger installed correctly. Installing a castor, please use the lock nut and lock washer. Must ensure that the expansion of the castor castor, make the plunger firmly installed in the shell. Lubrication: regular lubrication, wheel and moving the bearing can be used for a long time. In the bearing, seal and daub on the friction parts of roller bearing grease can reduce friction and the rotation is more flexible. Lubrication under normal conditions usually once every six months. A month after cleaning for auto lubrication. The wheels: visual check the wheel wear. Bad with the rotation of the wheels of fine red, ropes and other debris. The wrapping cover can stop these sundry tangles. Too loose or too tight castor is another factor, replace worn/castor wheels, in order to avoid the rotation of the instability. Inspect and replace the wheel after, ensure that use lock washer and nut tighten axle. Loose axle will cause friction spokes stents and stuck. Should provide replacement wheel and bearing, in order to avoid production losses. Castor: if the activity is too loose, it must be replaced immediately. If the center of the castor rivet fixed by the nut, it must be firmly fixed. If moving to can't rotate freely, please check the ball for corrosion or dirt. If equipped with fixed castor, please ensure the caster wheel bracket is not bent. Suitable for light-duty castor bearing are: roller bearing which can load is heavier than the same specifications of the ball bearing load. Integrated precision ball bearing precision machining products, suitable for high load, low noise and flexible rotation. Fully sealed precision ball bearing in pairs using the press fit is suitable for the need of flexibility and quiet.
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