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Summer high temperature, high temperature resistant round how to prepare for the

by:Dajin caster     2020-03-22
Summer will come, the country quickly into a state of high temperature to prepare; Home big small cooling equipment after hibernation were established in the battlefield and in the food factory, high-temperature work under the environment of high temperature all the year round, the temperature and abrasion resistance of high temperature resistant wheel is a big challenge, how to ensure the long-term work and can guarantee the basic performance is the overall test of high temperature resistant round! Round high temperature resistant material is a kind of polymer materials, mainly used in food, oven, pottery and porcelain, tobacco industry has a certain requirement to temperature; Kaixin castor produces the highest temperature can reach 280 degrees, high temperature resistant round in a cart or installed on the oven equipment can be very good use. High temperature resistant round kaixin castor manufacturers through continuous development and technology transfer, from product development, mold development, quality management, market sales and customer service form the integration management system. Efficient service system, perfect management mode to provide clients with fast and high quality service. Kaixin castor also has injection molding machine, lathe, punching machine, welding machine, hydraulic press and other production equipment, to ensure the high temperature resistant wheel production development needs!
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