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Super-heavy castor applies to what place?

by:Dajin caster     2020-04-02
Super-heavy caster wheel bearing is one of the most important part, in transporting large equipment without castor is difficult to work properly; Super-heavy castor so we in the choose and buy when the bearing is not also don't ignore, maybe it is good or bad directly determines its service life, and work for your convenience. Super-heavy trundle bearing also has a lot of kinds, different venues super-heavy casters will be applied to different caster wheel bearings; The so-called bad is not necessarily the worst, good may also be the worst, the so-called good blade in good dao, reasonable use is the most important thing. Super-heavy super-heavy castor castor bearing determines the mobility of super-heavy castor quality, as well as the different place of super-heavy castor and bearing is not the same; As we saw in the supermarket shopping cart above castor with factory workshop used castor is different, the main difference between the two is to withstand the weight is different, supermarket shopping cart caster wheel bearing capacity is small, the factory workshop often carry heavy items, so the material of super-heavy castor and bearing has great demands. Super-heavy castor can according to customer's need to match different bearings, each perfect collocation can be applied to different product equipment, here are some basic introduction of bearing. Super-heavy trundle bearing classification: 1, the spirit, bearing, bearing is dupont engineering plastics, suitable for cold summer dry, wet and strong corrosion of all kinds of bad environment, and durable. 2, one ball bearing: precision machinery processing, suitable for the wheel rotation of load demand is higher, low noise and flexible rotation. 3, ball bearing, ball bearing relative to the same specification an organic whole, it has the carrying capacity of heavier, more even, the static residual bearing capacity more characteristic, is suitable for the requirements of high bearing weight of industry. 4, ball bearing, the bearing is suitable for driving high requirements, to promote frequent occasions, it has the characteristics of dynamic load capacity, promote flexible, but in terms of static load capacity, to receive strength evenly in ball bearing. Many different kinds of bearings, in addition to the classification of the above and other categories of super-heavy trundle bearing; Each manufacturer for the classification of the bearing is very much also, but all the same, and I outlined in the above four is currently on the market is so super-heavy castor manufacturers use most of the bearings, we can also according to the above the wheel bearing classification to better improve it.
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