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Teach you extend the service life of castor castor plant in guangdong

by:Dajin caster     2020-04-13
In order to save cost, we usually use some methods to prolong the service life of castor, by guangdong grain of industrial casters factory today teach you some some methods to prolong the life of castor. 1, do not exceed the instructions of large load, overload use will cause the cause of the accident. 2, not in acid, alkali, salt and the use of castor oil, water and other special environment. 3, don't put the brakes on pads to force transfer of castor wheels condition. 4, not large or significant difference in the use of high and low walking on uneven ground. 5, do not use in special places where the temperature and extreme temperature casters. ( Such as steam room, cold storage special environment) 。 6, don't use hammer force and brake pads, should be properly push press brake pads [ ON separate /] Part, loosen the brake. 7, don't last for a long time under the trailer, traction operation using castor. 8, don't stop on the sloping ground.
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