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by:Dajin caster     2020-04-17
Castor wholesale - 【 Industrial casters 】 Universal wheel, adjust the foot manufacturers casters, as a kind of widely used in machinery in the field of transportation, to enterprise's production and residents' life is of great significance. In today's rapid growth of national economy, the market demand of castor is also increasing. But everyone is clear about the mode of production of the caster and castor manufacturers technical characteristics? Today, castor manufacturers production mode is produced using high pressure punch way more, small pieces of metal by entering high pressure punch is shaped into a bracket of castor embryo, and then the plating process, and then the wheel, stents, transverse device on the rivet riveting together into castor, completed the main production process. In the process of production process, the steps are run extensions, such as stents finished plating can put some brake parts which made the brake casters. Deals with castor manufacturers technical characteristics, production technology of the castor manufacturers though is roughly same, but involves the specific production technology, production equipment, manufacturing ideas have subtle differences, these differences is the manifestation of all produce truckle products. Castor production cost control and experienced castor manufacturers pay attention to control costs, such as in the aspect of raw material savings do strict control, greatly reduce raw material waste. In the process of concrete production, castor manufacturers have many years of production experience, will pay more attention to process details, can greatly reduce the defect rate of continuous casting machine products. Not only that, caster production also involves technology workers specific level and the quality of the production equipment.
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