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Tell me about - industrial castor plant type testing purposes

by:Dajin caster     2020-03-15
Are now generally normal manufacturer of industrial casters various tests, to ensure that products meet the demand of various conditions in all situations; Such as impact test, life test, high temperature resistance test and a series of tests is to ensure that industrial casters in certain whether meet the index. In many industrial casters test, type test can be said to be one of the most complex numerous trials, because it is not only a separate test, it is a comprehensive, all kinds of test and many industrial casters factory didn't do this kind of operation, kaixin castor always adhere to the quality to win customers for the purpose, in the industrial casters in the quality detection is first to apply the type test in it. 1, what is the industrial caster wheel type testing: industrial castor plant type test is to verify that the product can meet all the requirements for technical specification of the test. It is essential to industrial casters new product identification and a link. Only through the type testing, the product can formally put into production, however, for product certification, generally not to design the new product certification. In order to achieve certification for the type testing, is of one or more representative samples using test method for eligibility assessment. For universal product type test is based on product standards. For industrial castor plant is the foundation of improving product quality. 2, industrial caster wheel or wheels have one of following cases, should carry on the type of inspection: A, new products or old products factory production of the proto type identification; B, after the formal production, such as structure, process, materials and significant changes, that may affect product performance; C, shut down more than eight months to resume production; D, the factory inspection results and the last type has bigger difference; E, national governance watchdog is a request for type test; 3, industrial casters factory pattern examination project: A, overload ability; B, braking performance; C, static pressure resistance; D, walking performance; E, turn to the performance; F, steering performance; G, conductive performance; H, corrosion resistance; 4, industrial caster wheel type test each use industrial casters six, divided into two groups, each group of three. Test sequence is as follows: A, the first set of horizontal force static pressure experiment was carried out first, and then carries on the vertical force static pressure test; B, the second group first industrial caster wheel rotation, steering and braking performance test performance, and then walking castor performance experiment was carried out. Any projects in the industrial casters factory pattern examination unqualified, should from the same batch products in the double sampling, unqualified project for the re-inspection. Review of qualified, the batch of qualified products; If some of us are any unqualified the reinspection, then this batch of unqualified products. Through the above methods and steps can have a good quality of industrial casters, so if you want to improve the quality of products, then do these steps are necessary.
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