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Teng kai tell you what is the real pu castor

by:Dajin caster     2020-04-30
Teng kai tell you what is the real pu castor, is due to extensive production management way and devotion to the development of the castor production quantity model, castor industry had called & other; Labor-intensive industries & throughout; &ldquo,; The environmental pollution of & throughout; And so on. In today's idea is popular, castor industry seems to be a backwater, difficult to rise a little. But recently the situation is being changed. Surprise, we found that the light-duty castor, overloading castor, car brands such as caster and industrial products, are to blow the innovation of the increasingly fierce trend. Driven by the creative enterprises, digging the enterprise development momentum. Behind the industry dynamics, ultimately benefit is not only a good seller, castor industry but also the general consumers. Can say, the more the more to castor & other; Creative bazaar & throughout; , a former castor OEM companies rely on the survival of the status quo, to lead the castor industry into the independent innovation of creative new era! Put grease on shaft seal ring and roller bearing friction within the site, can reduce friction and make more flexible rotation. Every six months on a normal lubrication, the car each month after cleaning for wheel lubrication, visual check wheel abrasion of the wheels. The wheel rotational impeded associated with fine red rope and so on sundry. The intertwining of anti-wind cover can stop these stuff. Castor too loose or too tight is also another factor, to replace the damaged/castor wheels to avoid the unstable rotation. Inspect and replace the wheel after, shall ensure that use lock washers and nut tightening wheel axle. Because of loose axle can lead to friction wheel with stents and jammed. Replace the wheels and bearings should be to avoid the loss. If the caster to is too loose, it should be replaced immediately. Such as castor central rivet nut is fixed, shall ensure that its locked firmly. In castor often related to import and export packaging processing, import and export of castor when everyone knows is neatly sealing installed and on pallets into the container, these seemingly ordinary tray, is different from general tray, the pallet is fumigated pallets. In castor import and export of international trade, countries to protect their own resources, for imported goods shall practise a system of mandatory quarantine. Wood packaging fumigation pallets ( Disinfection) Is to prevent the harmful diseases and importer of a kind of compulsory measures taken by the forest resources. Teng kai tell you what is the real pu castor, more news and information about pu castor please click: hynews / 205. html
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