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The advantages and disadvantages of core rubber casters

by:Dajin caster     2020-04-02
The advantages and disadvantages of core rubber casters caster wheel is made of soft rubber core rubber through vulcanization process, glue on the cast iron or steel core or steel core, has the characteristics of quiet, slow weight, economic, and can be widely used in most of the work environment, but core rubber casters are not perfect, ShenFeng plastic for you to introduce the advantages and disadvantages of core rubber casters: 1, the core rubber casters because of its use is a soft rubber vulcanization process, so there is no ability to load, in the case of high load, the softer rubber wheel surface, because of the stress, deformation, cause loss of circle, which causes the difficulty in operation. At the same time, high load for a long period of time, cause deformation of the rubber, may cause the rubber surface and core part. 2, core rubber casters adopt soft rubber wheel surface, can very good protection on the ground, soft rubber wheel surface can absorb the shocks caused when moving objects, quiet, relative to the economy, it is widely used in various occasions) Caster, caster wheel factory, Shanghai universal wheel, universal casters
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