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The advantages of heavy industrial casters

by:Dajin caster     2020-03-30
A, the general characteristics of heavy industrial casters: heavy industrial casters is according to the experience knowledge of castor and structure mechanics theory, a new design of heavy duty industrial caster wheel is not only beautiful shape, and has good load capacity, when it is running under high load bearing flexible rotation. 2, heavy industrial casters categories: 1, bottom fixed castor, castor floor activities, caster with brake plate activity; 2, suitable products: heavy machinery and equipment; Industrial trolley cars and logistics; The introduction of three, industrial casters: 1, an object if it cannot be normal mobile no castor, when heavy industrial caster wheel installed on an object at the bottom, can make the object can be easily moved. 2 has different size and heavy industrial casters, industrial casters optional size: 100 mm, 150 mm and 200 mm, 125 mm, fixed backplane, backplane or without brakes. 3, shell from galvanized appearance elegant high quality carbon structural steel, it is suitable for all kinds of industrial equipment. 4, castor has been widely used, including shopping cart, office chair, and material handling equipment. With high bearing capacity, the use of heavy duty castor in many industrial applications. Kaixin castor is a company specializing in the production and development of castor manufacturers, professional production of various kinds of casters, wheels, the main products are heavy duty castor kaixin castor, shopping cart, castor, American industrial casters, trash can series casters, stainless steel casters, medical caster, casters, furniture casters, instrument feet wheel medium casters, and so on. Four, kaixin castor advantages: 1, scientific structure design; 2, special rotating design; 3, high quality materials to ensure that the ability of heavy industrial casters; 4, high quality purchasing and strict quality inspection; 5, in strict accordance with international standards for production quality management system; 6, each product will be strict inspection before packaging; 7, the most important thing is: we are a professional manufacturer; Five, the testing scope: 1, the shock absorption function; 2, load capacity; 3, rotating ability; 4, shock resistance; 5, operation ability; 6, life evaluation; More and more heavy industrial castor material was developed by everyone, for different USES, such as environmental conditions; In improving the selectivity and the professionalism, make better heavy industrial casters used in more suitable fields, play a greater value.
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