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The attitude of pu castor decided the development direction of the work

by:Dajin caster     2020-04-27
Attitudes towards pu castor determines the work development direction, regular pu castor plant production of high quality pu castor, beautiful surface, no burr, at the same time in order to guarantee type metal stents anticorrosive processing, generally USES electric galvanized (pu castor stent Including white zinc plating, blue white zinc, color zinc, gold) , electrophoresis, spraying, plastic spraying, dipping plastic, etc. Is given priority to with galvanized bracket on the market, in order to improve the adhesion of galvanized, blasting treatment commonly used regular pu castor plant, more sophisticated pu castor will using vibration grinding processing, can effectively remove for stamping, welding and other reasons caused the burr, at the same time, can provide better coating adhesion to the surface of polyurethane casters. All pu castor's 600 series pu castor, surface blasting processing because of its high pu castor rolling friction when starting with an acceleration, traction test measurement after 5 s level, its size does not exceed 15% of the test load is qualified. Rotational resistance test is in linear or circular motion tester is installed on one or more pu castor, make its direction and driving direction into 90 & deg; 。 By the spring bolt locking to bearing ( Four or two locking) Fixed casters, caster wheel lock for the activity. Castor base plate and bearing parts is introduced: the installation of floor used to install the horizontal position of the flat. Center rivets rivets or bolts for fixed rotating device. Can adjust screw down the bolt type rivet caused by rotation wear loose. Center of rivet is part of the backplane. Clamped assembly consists of fixed bracket, nut and axles. Attitudes towards pu castor determines the work development direction, more news and information about pu castor please click: hynews / 258. html
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