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The characteristic of synthetic rubber casters application

by:Dajin caster     2020-03-26
Different categories of castor application scope is different. As conductive wheel it is suitable for some factories and other places need to eliminate electrostatic assignments section, high temperature resistant wheel is suitable for high temperature operation, such as ceramics factory, food factory, medical sterilizing room needs to be the place of high temperature disinfection. Then artificial iron using rain ground is smooth, clean, no printing, no damage to the ground and be quiet place, like hospitals, coated with epoxy resin assembly shop will need to use artificial lugs. Due to the needs of our products can be used in all kinds of casters, often can see the figure of super synthetic rubber casters. Unique super synthetic rubber casters is the shape of the soft elastic rubber thermoplastic elastomer tread through chemical bonding to the rigid thermoplastic wheel core, the super artificial lugs is integrating the strongpoint of hard and soft iron, can like hard roller rolling flexible and durable, impact resistant, silent, and soft tire does not hurt the characteristics of the floor. In addition, it also has excellent weather resistance, low temperature performance and chemical resistance, waterproof and the advantages of the steam and durable thorn sexual characteristics. Artificial lugs are widely used in factories, hospitals, schools, hotels, food, warehousing, supermarkets need to consider the human body engineering and run a silent situation, also can be used in various harsh and extreme environments. Such as chemical medium existence of occasions, such as metal scrap iron, iron nails, gravel ground or irregular surface. Due to wheel MianRuan artificial tire so low bearing capacity, pushing up relatively more arduous. The simplest is often the most important invention, castor is have this feature. At the same time developed level of a city often used with castor is related to how much, like Shanghai, Beijing, suzhou, tianjin, chongqing, wuxi, chengdu, xian, wuhan, guangzhou, dongguan, shenzhen and other cities of artificial iron utilization rate is very high.
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