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by:Dajin caster     2020-03-23
Believe that everyone has been on a business trip, have, and lived in hotel. And want to talk about today is in the hotel often see castor - — Baggage castor. In and out of the hotel will often see this kind of car, simple, beautiful and practical. This is the characteristics of the baggage car. And form part of this baggage will eventually be castor, if not it is difficult to play such a powerful features. Baggage castor castor with other industrial equipment, is for the convenience of carrying increase its mobility. Difference is the choice of material selection, bearing, etc. Because the baggage car castor is mainly used in hotels and other places, the hotel is to provide customers with a lodging place to rest, so can't too noisy; So for baggage castor first is the most important requirement is mute, use effect of the mute mute casters can help baggage to reduce noise, no noise, so to speak. So the second most important requirement is to prevent scratches on the ground, it is also very important, and use the wheels of the material is qualitative soft, of course, is the best choice. Capacity: according to the design load carrying capacity of the single trolleys truckle to. The bearing capacity of the castor is the most basic and the most critical requirement of castor, should have certain safety margin. Rotational flexibility: 1, high precision ball bearing special smooth and flexible operation, especially applicable to high-end equipment and quiet environment. 2, high quality dupont engineering plastics manufacturing, the spirit of bearing widely adapt to all kinds of corrosive medium. 3, elaborate needle bearing still easily under pressure. 4, to protect the beautiful floor, please use the soft rubber, polyurethane and super synthetic rubber casters. 5, in order to avoid leaves ugly round printing on the ground, please select a special grey rubber casters, polyurethane, super artificial lugs and other printing wheels. The use of castor has been more and more come into our lives, not only use castor hotel trolleys, and the size of the home market in home appliances, furniture also is castor. Hotel first, it should be noted that when choosing trolleys castor mute effect and scratch-resistant flowers effect, the second should consider carrying, rotational flexibility, environmental protection, and so on and so forth. In short if you want to mute effect is good that you mute casters or super artificial lugs.
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