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The choice of castor single-sided and double-sided plastic tray

by:Dajin caster     2020-04-02
Option 1 caster single-sided and double-sided plastic tray. Can be used for only a single plastic tray, the surface has two kinds of grid plate peace, bottom of sichuan and font, field type fonts or nine party shoes, depending on the bearing capacity and using occasion are divided into shelf series, standard series and super light series three standard. 2. Double-sided plastic tray to tray structure on both sides of the same, on the surface of a grid plate peace two, both sides can exchange use, depending on the bearing capacity and using occasion are divided into shelves series and series two kinds of standard. 3. Choose one tray or double tray, should according to the corresponding storage, loading and unloading handling equipment and state ( Such as the type library, the types of shelves, stacking or place state, etc. ) To determine. 4. To cover an area of an area small automatic three-dimensional library or a high shelf, mainly stacker or electric lift trucks in the vertical transport of occasions, one shelf series tray and double shelves series tray can choose. 5. If in the three-dimensional library or 1 t load on the shelves, and shelf no ceiling, suggested that steel tube with built-in shelf tray. Built-in pipe steel-plastic structure tray effectively solved the greater the deadweight shelves product weight problem, the cost is high, more important is the use of square steel tube wall thickness is about 2 mm rigidity, reached the shelves ( Three-dimensional library) Horizontal and vertical deflection are 10 mm or less strict requirements, at the same time reduce the permanent deformation and reduce the cost. 6. For covering an area of big and predominantly horizontal transportation situation, if use manual hydraulic pallet truck carrying suited to choose single pallets. For stacking goods, castor tray and bottom at the bottom of the goods to the collocated, with double tray type or field words at the end of the single tray is better. If use can motor pallet truck is suitable for handling with nine article not connected at the bottom of foot type single pallets. Caster, caster wheel factory, Shanghai universal wheel, universal casters
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