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The choice of heavy duty castor method and structure characteristics

by:Dajin caster     2020-04-28
A kind of heavy-duty casters to the caster, peer is a specialized bearing casters, because of heavy duty castor special with other casters to choose and buy is also not same, let's go to see a heavy-duty casters above shall choose from what respect? 1, the heavy duty castor manufacturers choose: regular heavy duty castor manufacturers, ordinary can supply drawings and so on all need the technical parameters of coherent; Regular heavy duty castor manufacturers want to have a spare test set equipment decoration, everything castor walking test, load test amateur castor detection setting equipment, decoration, otherwise, can not determine the caster wheel load request. 2, heavy duty castor wheels data selection: heavy caster wheel is used for decoration of move heavy set equipment, with is, heavy duty castor wheels general acceptance of soft single wheel tread. Such as nylon wheel, cast iron wheel, forged steel wheel, soft rubber wheel, pu wheel, wheel are ambitious and phenolic resin. 3, heavy duty castor wheels diameter selection, according to the diameter of the wheel, the eve of the lunar, move more naive, often use specifications are 4 inches castor, castor 5 inches and 6 inches castor, 8 inches castor, 10 inches castor, 12 inches castor, track, castor can perhaps accept 16 inches 18 inches of the wheel. Is now, let's consumption of 12 tons of track, castor, is to accept the 400 mm diameter, wheel yan 125 mm tandem castor. Plant height: refers to the surface from heaven to set decoration equipment installation location between the vertical interval, castor device height refers to take castor take wheel distant the vertical interval of the eve of the floor. To external stent spacing: refers to the external rivet vertical line to the point of external wheel core intervals. Move radius: refers to the degree of vertical line to the outside of the tire rim external rivet interval, proper spacing for castor can be turned 360 degrees. Move the radius of justice take no indirectly affect the service life of the castor. Driving load: castor was moving bearing power is also called dynamic load, dynamic load of the castor fruits workshop experimental methods with and differ somewhat, fruit wheels also no same without information, the key is to support the construction of the war if quality can fight may fight against shocks. Load: when set decoration fundamental blow or shock caster wheel brake of the bearing force. Dynamic load and dynamic load and dynamic load and dynamic load, castor is static form acceptable weight. The dynamic load should be using the load (general environment Dynamic load) 5 ~ 6 times, the dynamic load should be a blow to load at least 2 times. To: soft, the wheels of the constraint than soft, the wheels of the yan to more easily. Move radius is wheels to move one of the main parameters, the radius of move too short will add to the difficulty, the Chinese New Year eve contract will incur all wheels and life. True true: driving day influence castor travel day shows the structure of the war of fruit, known as the selection of steel wheels, the eve of the sample is small, the wheels, bearings, etc. , the wheel, the driving of the eve of the day the more true good, is soft, rough day surface than flat soft constraint of round wheels and effort, but is not flat on the day of soft wheels and effort, but is not flat surface soft wheels can be more good days set up equipment decoration and suspension cover!
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