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The construction and classification of antistatic caster wheel

by:Dajin caster     2020-05-08
Anti-static castor structure composed of single wheel is installed on the bracket, used to install below the equipment makes it free to move. Castor mainly divided into two categories: fixed castor fixed bracket with single wheel, only move along a straight line. Turning the castor 360 degrees with single wheel, can run freely in any direction. Single wheel industrial casters are varied in size, type, such as tyre tread each are not identical. Choose the right wheels come from the following several conditions: use site environment product load working environment contains chemicals, blood, grease, oil, salt and other substances. All kinds of special climate, such as humidity, high temperature or cold shock, collision and driving E halcyon requirement. Anti-static casters according to whether to classification are divided into directional casters with the directional casters ( The universal casters) 。 Directional castor no rotating structure, cannot turn; The structure of the universal casters allowed to rotate 360 degrees ( As shown in the above) 。 According to the main application industry classification is divided into medical casters, industrial casters, supermarket casters, furniture casters, and so on. Medical truckle to adapt to the requirements of the hospital operation is light, flexible steering, elasticity, special ultra-quiet, abrasion resistance, winding and resistance to chemical corrosion and so on characteristics, special castor. Industrial casters is mainly refers to a caster wheel used in machinery factory or products, it can be advanced of imported reinforced nylon ( PA6) , super single wheel made of polyurethane, rubber, integral whole product has a high impact resistance and strength. Supermarket castor, in order to meet the need of supermarket shelves of mobile and flexible features convenient shopping cart needs and special research and development of castor. Mainly in order to meet the need of furniture furniture caster and low center of gravity, the needs of high load production of special castor. Mainly divided into super synthetic rubber casters, polyurethane casters, plastic castor, nylon casters, caster wheel steel, high temperature resistant casters, rubber casters, S type synthetic rubber casters
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