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The correlation of TPR wheel and TPR sole

by:Dajin caster     2020-03-29
Shoes is a necessary articles for daily use in our lives, and in the production of this kind of articles for daily use raw material is TPR, TPR shoes is not only the production of raw materials, is also the necessary raw materials, production of industrial products super people tire of super artificial roller, we called TPR wheel, and its main raw material is TPR; So both in life and in industrial production, the application of TPR material is very common. So let us together to pick a steak in the correlation between the two. The appearance of the TPR wheel superior performance with good texture, feel gentle, tonal unified and stable operation of quiet, no noise interference, to mute effect. Resistance to uv and ozone resistance sliding a trace on the floor,, good corrosion resistance to climate can be applied to door inside and outside environment is non-toxic, non-polluting recyclable's unique environmental features. TPR soles can be used in the injection molding production, the commonly used material hardness of 60 ~ 65 degrees, appearance is transparent or this white particles, also can make it black. Sole use TPR points new material blending modification and regeneration of TPR granule material. In order to obtain high resilience of TPR material can do modification of mixing material, physical synthesis of TPR, also known as the TR, TR than TPR material has more excellent resilience and tensile strength. TPR hardness can be adjusted. Do insoles TPR hardness can be 5 degrees to 60 degrees adjustment, can be transparent appearance and color. Different styles and functions of the insoles used TPR material hardness and property is different, we can see from the above two kinds of TPR material application, whether it's application in TPR wheel or used in shoes making, TPR has very high application effect and high performance, it is able to meet customer demand, and its raw materials can be diverse applications, whether do TPR wheel or do the soles can be very good. Manufacturer of TPR raw materials on the market has a lot of, we should buy from formal way, especially in the production of TPR wheel, because it is to belong to industrial applications, so for the TPR should be more high quality requirements.
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