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The definition and application of industrial casters -

by:Dajin caster     2020-04-15
Industrial casters - 【 Industrial casters 】 Manufacturer of industrial casters universal wheel, adjust the foot is a series of castor is mainly used in factories and industrial machinery. Industrial caster due to the particularity of its use occasions, usually have stronger comprehensive impact resistance and strength. In order to achieve high strength, the material of industrial casters adopt generally for super pu, reinforced nylon or rubber. Industrial casters to the inside structure usually choose high quality steel plate, usually using a body cast installation, ensure that the overall structure of the solid degrees. In applications, industrial casters in transportation handling platform car, mobile scaffolding, carts, workshop trucks, fork phenomenon of car carrier, etc, all have a wide range of applications. Concrete in different occasions, industrial casters have different application options: one, in the supermarket, schools, hospitals, office buildings, hotels and other places, because these places places the ground environment is good, the roughness is very high, so usually operates industrial casters, mute effect and so on. Usually is made of thin steel plate stamping electroplating castor frame, easy to operate, and is the key to mute effect is good. Second, the driving environment lacking on the ground in some places, such as warehouses and factories or simply external cement pavement, cargo handling load phenomenon is very common, so first need to consider the trundle bearing capacity, need to choose the medium-duty castor, castor stent after appropriate USES steel plate stamping and have double row ball bearing wheel frame welding. Three, in the automotive, clothing, textile and other occasions, castor high load and long distance, are very obvious, the situation of industrial casters to 8 - usually requires thickness 12 mm steel plate welded into castor frame, so let the castor to withstand high load. That is Beijing KNT Chester technology co. , LTD. For the application of industrial casters and a simple introduction of the definition of, hope to be able to give you help.
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