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by:Dajin caster     2020-04-23
Universal wheel, adjust the foot manufactures industrial two-wheel castor is an investment, you can count on a relatively small spending, to establish a greater return on investment. Other benefits include: first, the less strain damage: because industrial two-wheel castor to significantly reduce the moving and rotating force, reduce suffered significant injury. Reduce production downtime: fault can be easily shut down production of caster, huge cost. Two-wheeled castor can be applied in different industries, what are the differences between different universal wheel? Because the universal wheel have different types. The wheel has to turn in these industries have not turn so for caster wheel can rotate and can't, what are the differences and different? Heavy load and a key contribution to industrial two-wheel castor manufacturers to improve operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness, industrial company two-wheel castor first, for the two universal wheel, so it USES is different because functions are different, can turn in the use of transport food restaurant, but can not turn the wheels can be used in the more mechanization in transport. Second, because those who do not turn the wheels made of the material is relatively hard so many factories use this universal wheel, than that of the wheel. Second, noise reduction, the design of the precision made me even more quiet casters, cutting noise pollution and industrial injury. Third, good liquidity, much less friction made me even more easy to open the castor, even in the most crowded corridor. Easy to load in caster wheel brake and the spin lock hold in wanted him to fourth, payload protection: the superior vibration reducing industrial two-wheel castor protect sensitive goods from damage. Fifth, free maintenance, although other caster and mill stop, castor keep rolling, reliable and almost no maintenance, through the most extreme environments and operating conditions. Sixth, greater flexibility: industrial two-wheel castor can easily move any you need offer more way. Seventh, otc off-the-shelf or custom design: industrial two-wheel castor double standards of castor is capable of carrying load of 4500 kg each wheel. The engineering team is ready for you to customize industrial two-wheel castor, to meet every industry environment of any requirement of the two-wheel casters. That is why industrial two-wheel casters in business investment as the profitability of the best comfort and organization and one of the most cost-effective investment. Has made good in design and manufacture and in many industries. First of all, I company of castor has more reliable and efficient choice: moving coil, heavy machinery, assembly or other heavy goods need to design a rotating buildings, need a permanent installation castor, the industry is there is no better than my company industry and heavy duty castor this is because of my company's industrial two-wheel caster design, greatly reduce the power of the body almost anything that moves, and move on for a long time.
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