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The difference between nylon casters and pu castor -

by:Dajin caster     2020-04-15
Universal wheel - Beijing KNT Chester technology co. , LTD. Easy installation and castor for goods handling work and effort, liberate the workforce. Used for indoor and outdoor, for example, both inside and outside work life for handling all kinds of equipment, handling machine, is the powerful supplement of a man's hand, main material is polyurethane wheel, rubber wheel, nylon wheel, etc. Here are the characteristics of several kinds of casters and distinction. A, pu castor hardness is low, little noise in the process of operation, push the heavier items slightly uphill. On the floor, wear little flexibility, quiet operation, do not produce imprint, impact resistance, wear resistance, good waterproof performance, strong anticorrosive characteristics. Suitable for compare quality advanced machine or easy damaged indoor floor; Is relatively harsh environment, etc. Good abrasion resistance, diverse processing methods and wide applicability etc. , castor now are generally polyurethane material. Good elasticity, rubber casters, has a certain buffer, damping and sound performance, low price. The disadvantage is that the service life of the generally poor, suitable for outdoor, and the external environment is not too bad. Three, nylon wheel nylon or pu castor is generally strong and firm, good abrasion resistance, more durable, also can make approximate transparent or other color. Nylon casters high hardness, operation process will produce a certain noise, but needs to be slightly smaller thrust.
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