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The difference between the heavy-duty casters and other casters

by:Dajin caster     2020-04-13
Heavy-duty casters in industry, textile industry and other fields have a wide range of applications, in contrast to other castor products, heavy duty castor has its unique product disposition and characteristics, today let's take a look at the heavy duty castor with other casters, heavy-duty casters truckle products just as its name implies is the bearing capacity is larger, but in the industry for the bearing capacity of heavy castor does not have a fixed reference range, in general bearing capacity from five hundred kg to 15 kg, or even higher bearing capacity of the castor can be called a heavy-duty casters. Heavy-duty casters in the particularity of castor material aspects, from the point of heavy duty castor products on the market, the material of heavy-duty casters are generally adopted hard tread castor products, such as nylon casters, cast iron casters, polyurethane casters are ideal choice, such as the pu castor is more suitable for track, casters, because pu castor is one of the new type of material, the hardness and resistance to pressure and so on are all very good, able to adapt to the operation of heavy duty castor products equipment, but also can prolong the service life of castor, improve the quality of use. In addition to the particularity of castor material, the particularity of heavy duty castor also reflect on the rotating plate, especially of heavy duty castor wheels rotate plate, it is usually adopted the design of double steel ball, after stamping forming and heat treatment, for those rotating plate can have a better load bearing capacity, collocation of greater surface plane in the plane of the ball bearing or rolling bearing, etc. , can effectively improve the load capacity, at the same time also can reduce the use process caused by friction. For the particularity of impact resistance of heavy universal wheel, rotating plate can choose a more rugged steel sheet, effectively avoid the bolt connection plate welding, but also can improve the impact resistance of castor products. Heavy duty castor products is also need to have a good selection of stents, in general, for heavy duty caster stents are adopted as the theme, metal materials including common steel plate stamping forming, casting molding, usually in the form of a tablet to assembly, heavy duty castor thick steel plate thickness, to 8 mm, mostly in the 10 mm, etc. From the point of many heavy duty castor products, now well on the market to sell a heavy-duty casters is cast iron castor, quit castor very wear-resisting, resistance load, and its service life is long, is an ideal logistics equipment and transportation equipment industry, at the same time, cast iron castor also has a significant advantage in extreme situations will be able to use, because has high surface hardness requirements at the same time, it doesn't fit in the environment for ground protection are required to use, also we need to pay attention to this point, cast iron castor widely used in concrete pavement. Castor products use after a period of time is need for maintenance, this heavy duty castor is no exception. Heavy duty castor should be selected according to specific bearing requirements, environmental construction conditions such as comprehensive consideration, so suggest you in the near future if considering the purchase of heavy duty castor or need to know the basic information, so the right to be able to buy more products, in general, the caster of famous brand product quality will be, if the condition allows, or effective heavy-duty casters to consider brand products is better.
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