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The difference from what respect to distinguish industrial casters

by:Dajin caster     2020-03-29
In our familiar life, the application of industrial casters proportion is the most big, maybe you met in our life is there are 4 into industrial casters, the diversity of its beyond everyone's imagination. We all know that industrial casters is just a big word, if the specific refers to a certain you will need to refine it. In this race it also has a younger and older are usually referred to as heavy-duty casters, young called light industrial casters, and it also is mainly in order to adapt to this kind of classification in different places and in the field of application, we so everyone like to distinguish between. Industrial casters if to distinguish it from the material can be divided into: high temperature, conductive, the super artificial iron, pu, PP and other material, and different materials can be divided into different categories, so if you're going to use castor, then you have to understand the features between them, so let's from the material to identify the characteristics of different material of the wheels. ①。 Conductive wheel generally applicable to the elimination of static electricity in the factory areas, and has a mute effect. For example: electronics factory, some military enterprise, etc. Compared with the other castor manufacturer, our advantage is conductive performance is strong, generally 10 power 6 other factory, and we are 10 3 to the power, and the trial time is long, even if the wheels with bad, still can continue to conduct electricity. The current is one of our three most strength of the product. ②。 High temperature resistant wheel generally suitable for high temperature operation. Such as ceramics factory, food factory, medical sterilizing room need high temperature requirements of the customers. Compared with other factory, we are the advantages of both endure - 230 The high temperature of 280 degrees, and impact resistant ability is strong, a lot of castor plant production of high-temperature wheel or not high temperature resistant, or bear the high temperature, but the impact resistant ability is insufficient, the wheel core parts easy to burst, the high-temperature wheels is one of our three most strength of the product. ③。 Super synthetic rubber ( TPR) Generally applicable to the ground is smooth, clean, no printing, no damage to the ground and mute. Such as hospitals, auto assembly shop ( The ground is epoxy resin) , dust-free workshop, etc. The disadvantage of synthetic rubber is as a result of wheel MianRuan so low bearing capacity, and push up more arduous. The current is one of our three most strength of the product. ④。 Polyurethane ( PU) PU PU wheel generally have plastic core, iron core PU PU wheel, aluminum core 3 kinds. PU wheel is wear-resisting, resistance to grease, temperature in - 43 ℃ to 85 ℃, so the PU wheel use range is very wide, almost all can use in various occasions. Usually in the normal hardness of 92 degrees or so. ⑤。 Nylon ( 尼龙) Wheel, nylon wheel we generally have plastic core covering nylon wheel, nylon wheel, the future will have high load-bearing cast nylon wheel. Nylon wheel with wear-resistant, promote the advantages of easy, but the disadvantage is that round face hard and big noise. Nylon and polyurethane chakras, application range is very wide, is also one of the most commonly used products of castor. ⑥。 Polyene hydrogen ( PP) Characteristics of polyene hydrogen wheel with nylon wheel very approximate, just wear resistance, service life and poor appearance than nylon wheel, but the price is cheap, the use of this wheel range is wide. ⑦。 Phenolic wheel performance and the use of high temperature phenolic wheel wheel is similar, also be more suitable for high temperature operation, but the degree of resistance to high temperature than high temperature low, generally resistant to about 180 ℃, its have advantages than high temperature resistant wheel is of low cost, so many customers to replace high temperature wheel, but the main drawback is that the wheels will send out poisonous gas, not environmental protection. ⑧。 Pig iron wheel & amp; Forging steel wheel both casters are big load, suitable for high and low temperature, conditions, due to wheel surface itself is a steel, heavy wheels themselves, so great damage to the ground. Through the analysis of the above if you are still unable to have a clear concept for it, so we're here to specifically it can be seen everywhere in our life, to the place. First of all, like some factories in the field of transport, if not installed it on these tools, on the transport how much effort? Moreover, when we go shopping, can see the movement of the roadside stalls are able to find it, in fact you as long as careful observation, can the place like the corner of the table in the mobile stalls to see it. Say a more common, like our suitcase, a few years earlier, when we go out suitcases are used by using this kind of industrial casters. So industrial casters in our life is everywhere, you can every day will encounter rub shoulders with many times, it's just it naughty didn't let you find.
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