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The experience of using castor at the supermarket

by:Dajin caster     2020-04-28
First of all, the supermarket castor nylon (be sure to choose PA) Castor material activities, especially pay attention to not use metal or rubber wheels. The material of nylon wheel is feeling the best, such castor mute wear-resisting, and smooth surface, the friction coefficient is small, use up is very flexible. For cargo handling work of supermarket, the biggest need is handling the goods to light energy. Work for so long, often meet some old trolley peace broken scooter, this kind of platform car damage is often the main reason of the caster wheel parts of damage, and often is the rubber material along the metal truckle heavily damaged bone. Outside along the truckle to use such a long time, the rubber peeling situation is very common. And with nylon casters, due to the degree of nylon material package is wonderful, and because the nylon material that smooth wear-resisting, material during the process of using it greatly reduces the risk of peeling off. To sum up, the choose and buy of supermarket castor no hope castor life more long more good, not only need long life, also need the comfort and convenience to use. As a relevant castor experience of choose and buy supermarket tally clerk, I highly recommend you to buy nylon ( PA) Universal wheel of the textures ( Universal casters) , such as: cream-colored biaxial castor wheels that connect a flower, Universal casters) 。 / news_165。
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