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The feet, the company supplies 2 in guangdong. 5 'low center of gravity to adjust castor

by:Dajin caster     2020-04-11
Guangdong castor ShanHe in the company of industrial casters co. , LTD is a professional production of caster and group co. , LTD. Our company can provide more than 5000 in different castor, from small furniture caster to each affordable castor 10 tons of heavy industry. Whether forklift, trolley, supermarket trolley, medical beds and other common products. Or in a plane used in industry, the automotive industry with industry and electronic industry and other demanding, customers don't have to look for everywhere, grain of caster wheel can satisfy your needs. Here small make up for example 2. 5 'can adjust the parameters of the heavy duty castor: product name: 2. 5 'adjustable heavy duty castor big bear: 300 kg wheel specification: 63 x50mm material: PPPA double bearing 6200 carbon steel precision adjustment foot diameter: 57 mm adjusting screw: 12 mm adjustment tools: 19 mm card clasp wrench installation height: 91 mm high level height: 120 mm installed base plate size: 120 x120mm mounting holes distance: 95 x95mm installed aperture: 10 mm bottom plate thickness: 3. 5 mm round frame thickness: 3. 0MM
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