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The five select skills of industrial casters

by:Dajin caster     2020-03-27
As the environmental impact of the market, more industrial casters into the big market, at the same time of providing demand is also the main show of self value realization, increasing industrial castor also sample we go wrong, especially when the choose and buy performance is particularly prominent. With our whole body, select it from birth that moment start facing continuously, the choice of the industrial castor how do we choose? Is there any choose skills? Skills: capacity of 1. Select the first thing to consider when industrial casters device itself and can carry the weight of the maximum weight, in general, the greater the total weight, the greater the choice of the size of the wheel, the wheels the bigger the width, the weight can be dispersed, the easier it is to walk on uneven ground. 2. Industrial caster wheel bearing capacity calculation method: Wc = ( w + wd) *s/n=( kgf/pcs) 阿加汗基金; Universal wheel bearing capacity ( kgf) w; Cargo weight ( kgf) Wd; The weight of the car, kgf) N; The number of universal wheel ( 个人电脑) 年代; Safety factor ( 1. 33) Under normal circumstances for the safety of industrial casters, each device will press ( N - 1) A capacity to choose suitable castor castor. Technique 2: bearing bearing is also called the rolling bearings, including: roller bearing, needle roller bearing and ball bearing. The main difference is the roller bearing used in the occasion of the radial pressure; Needle roller bearing is suitable for the radial pressure and rotation speed of the smaller occasions; Ball bearing is suitable for the occasion of small radial pressure and high speed. Almost the same in the same size, speed, the radial load cylinder is greater than the ball bearing axial load; Columns under axial load in the opposite direction or generally don't bear axial load, ( Individual models can be subject to bi-directional load) The free end, generally used in shaft; Ball bearings can withstand two-way load in the fixed end. Can tell, the same brand, same lubrication, under the condition of same load cylinder bearing is greater than the life of a ball bearing. Three skills: injection molding and casting molding and casting wheel is the most common and widespread use, we the difference is very big still, its shape is the main difference is as follows: 1) The injection molding for physical injection molding, casting molding for chemical reaction. 2) Pressure to the mold in injection molding and casting mould pressure is small, low demands on the mold. 3) Pouring shape can be flexible to change the formula, the production of different products. Four skills: industrial castor material basically has nylon casters, cast iron castor, resistance to high temperature casters, rubber casters, super synthetic rubber casters, polyurethane casters, and so on commonly used materials, we analyzed in these materials, polyurethane material of thermoplastic polyurethane elastomer ( TPU) The characteristics of the. Characteristics: TPU polyurethane TPU polyurethane material with similar type common thermoplastic plastic hardness and high mechanical strength, plastic processing methods may be used for production, at the same time, it has general elastomer elongation, elastic resilience and stress deformation recovery performance, use TPUR high strength and elongation at break, especially excellent tear resistance, bending resistance and wear, preparation, shoemaking, auto electrical, style can be used in many fields such as all kinds of wear-resistant, suspension parts. 1, mechanical performance: the material is suitable for work in the long-term load conditions, excellent wear resistance. 2, heat-resisting performance: the heat resistance of the material is not outstanding, only allow long exposure in 8 0 ℃ below the working environment, soft and medium hardness grade TPU can short time exposure to 1 0 0 ℃ environment. High hardness grade can short time to work in 1 2 0 ℃ environment, TPU excellent performance under low temperature and has high impact strength, material in - 2 0 ℃ below will not break. 3, chemical properties: because it is mainly composed of direct chain of chemical bonds, poor ability to resist external medium erosion, therefore, the chemical material such as acid and alkali resistant performance is poorer, to contain ethanol elements such as motor oil have larger dissolve sex, but for pure mineral oil, esters medium has a good ability to resist. 4, weather resistance: general TPU good weatherability. Although it under long-term exposure to the sun's ultraviolet rays can produce slight yellow, but the performance of the materials will not be affected by too much. Usually used in outdoor TPU products are formulated with uv absorber, sometimes conditions xu can add carbon black pigment, can effectively absorb uv and uv shielding materials, improve the service life of materials. Disadvantages of this kind of product is oil resistant, heat resistant material and mechanical properties as the CPU. Skills 5:1, universal wheel turning radius and the wheel surface radian is the so-called castor, its structure allows level rotate 360 degrees, the flexibility to choose in actual use, the bigger the rotation radius of flexibility, the better, the smaller the bearing pressure; On the contrary, the smaller the radius of turn, bearing high pressure, flexibility. 2, wheel surface radian of round and flat, on the basis of using the environment when using ground resistance is larger, larger optional surface trundle to minimize resistance and instead chose to use graphic design castor; Round caster and flexible rotation, plane trundle bearing performance is good.
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