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The flexibility of universal wheel method

by:Dajin caster     2020-03-22
On industrial equipment, profound influences wanxianglun flexibility significance; For example a universal wheel quality and size requirements, loading requirements are no problem, but in the process of using, push very hard, a person could easily push originally, but just to two talents can drive, it is not in efficiency but in lower efficiency, increase the labor costs at the same time. So is what reason makes the embarrassed? Affect the universal wheel driving difficult reasons: 1, the wheel material; 2, bearing selection; 3, the wheel size; 4, sites; Universal wheel flexibility choice: 1, castor should spirit, light and durable, its rotating parts ( Caster wheel rotation, the wheel rolling) Should choose the friction coefficient of the material or through special craft processing after assemble the parts ( Such as ball bearing or quenching process) 2, flexible feet the eccentricity of the monthly, but the load weight reduced accordingly. 3, the greater the diameter of the wheel drive more effort, and can better protect the ground. Wheel big than small turn slowly, is not easy to hot deformation, durable. Under the condition of installation height allowed to choose the wheels of the large diameter as much as possible. Universal wheel bearing flexibility: high precision ball bearing special smooth and flexible operation, especially suitable for top-grade equipments and quiet environment; High quality dupont engineering plastics manufacturing, the spirit of bearing widely adapt to all kinds of corrosive medium; Elaborate needle roller bearing in under the weight still at ease; To produce the materials have a variety of universal wheel, is the most common materials: nylon, polyurethane, rubber, cast iron and other materials. Widely used in mining, mechanical equipment, electronic equipment, medical equipment, engineering, decoration, textile, printing and dyeing, furniture, logistics equipment, storage, revolving cars, chassis, cabinets, equipment, electrical and mechanical, dustless workshop, production line, large supermarkets, and many other industries and various fields. This in addition to the flexibility of the common demand in these industries, can be used through the field environment on universal wheel flexibility to make corresponding adjustment. Flexibility is universal wheel in use should have the basic performance, flexibility and better castor wheels in use process more flexible, more convenient, of course efficiency is better; Because of material, bearing, sites for which influence its flexibility, so choose the good universal wheel manufacturer is very important.
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